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Thinking Metal Roofing Will Break the Bank? Folks in The Waikato Region, Including Hamilton, Te Rapa, and Tamahere Disagree!

At some point or another, just about every homeowner around has thought about different materials for their roof. Not that your everyday materials aren't good, but wouldn't it be awesome to have something cutting edge like metal roofing? In Hamilton and nearby areas, other homeowners have considered the same, and many come to CTR Roofing with questions about metal roofing. The Waikato region covers our entire base of operations, so we're always more than happy to provide information about metal roofing to Te Rapa and Tamahere residents as well. We've fielded plenty of inquiries about metal roofing and have a few facts we'd like to share.

Intro to Metal Roofing

If you're like many would-be consumers, one of your chief interests will be the costs. Pricing of materials can always vary, but on average, metal roofing can incur twice the material costs of your standard shingles. It's also entirely possible that metal roofing will be slightly more pricey to install as it requires very precise technique to get it right. Before you throw the idea in the waste bin, though, you should consider that increased costs up front don't necessarily equate to higher costs overall. Over time, you might find that the substantial benefits of a metal roof, more than compensate for their initial price tag.

To begin, think about the lifetime of an average roof. How long would you give everyday asphalt shingles before they're in need of some tender loving care? In most cases, 10 to 15 years is all the time it takes before that standard roof needs to be replaced. You'll also have to factor the costs of occasional repair, as a roof with typical shingles will take some damage and need to be periodically maintained.

Compare that with metal roofing, which will last upwards of 50 years, and requires little if no maintenance over the course of its life. All of a sudden, the metallic option is looking a fair bit sweeter. The benefits don't cease there, however, as metal roofing provides considerable value regarding energy efficiency.

A basic metal roof will reflect a significant amount of thermal radiation that would normally be absorbed by and heat up your home. In warmer climates, this is an excellent option for slashing your energy bills, as you'll use much less electricity trying to keep your home cool. If you make the decision to coat your roof with reflective paint, the amount of energy you save increases even more, since the roof becomes an even better shield against sunlight and heat. Could it possibly get any better?

Glad you asked. Because there is one more area where metal roofing can give you a leg up: reselling your home. Having a sound, energy efficient option for a home like a metal roof can increase your home's value, and potential buyers will take notice of the care that you've taken in making sure your home is a quality investment.

Can I Get Metal Roofing In Waikato?

You certainly can. CTR Roofing has years of experience working to install all kinds of roofs, even metal roofing. In Hamilton, Te Rapa, and Tamahere, our normal service areas, we've been at it for over 15 years and have built a solid reputation as reliable tradesmen who take the craft very seriously. If you're ready to make a fantastic upgrade to your roof, give us a call today on 02 539 7628 to learn more.