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It'd be nice if our roofs could last forever, but unfortunately at some point, every roof has got to give up the ghost and be replaced. It's an essential step to ensuring that your home's structure continues to stay sound and that your property value remains high. It's also a very intricate process, so you'll likely need to hire a professional to perform your reroofing. In Waikato, residents have come to trust CTR Roofing, and we in turn delight in informing residents on everything they'll need to know before the process begins. You don't want to get bamboozled on such an important home upgrade, so if you're considering a reroofing in Hamilton, Te Rapa, Or Tamahere, pay close attention to the following titbits of information.

Why Should I Get My Home Reroofed?

Even if you think you might be able to squeeze a bit of extra life out of those shingles before they start leaking, there are plenty of tangible benefits to reroofing, some of which you may not have even considered. Most importantly, updating your roof can make your home more energy efficient.

Not all shingles are created equal, and the roofing game has probably changed immensely since your roof was first installed. There's a bevvy of new building materials on the market, and thanks to the amazing progress in technology and ingenuity, these building options can do wonders for reducing your overall energy costs. The main reason? These new shingle varieties are much better at reflecting light and heat. The less they trap, the less you have to run the AC to keep your home cool.

As we mentioned before, reroofing can also improve the resale value of your home. With an old roof, a potential buyer might be scared off by the thought of having to undergo the hassle of getting the work done themselves. With a brand new roof, however, you can entice buyers and bargain for some extra money since your home is so up-to-date and energy efficient.

There's also no discounting the obvious visual appeal of a fresh new roof. Another benefit of reroofing is the pride you'll have when you see your home looking even better than before. You'll be getting your share of envious glances from neighbours, and have plenty of bragging rights at the next neighbourhood get-together.

What Do I Need to Know?

Three main factors will come into play during your reroofing project: costs, materials, and the installation process. You'll want to get an estimate, and make sure that it is complete and covers the entire scope of the work involved. A reputable craftsman will always let you know how all the numbers add up during reroofing. In Hamilton and beyond, we've built a name by being upfront and honest with our clientele.

You'll have to select materials for your new roof, and while it might be tempting to go cheap, remember what we said about energy efficiency and home values. It might benefit you in the long run to replace your current shingles with something better.

Lastly, you'll want to make sure that your builder is up-to-date on current best practices in the industry. We've been reroofing in Te Rapa, Tamahere, and Hamilton for years, and have been steadily evolving to remain at the cutting edge of our trade.

Can CTR Roofing Handle Reroofing in Hamilton?

Not just Hamilton, we perform reroofing in Tamahere, Te Rapa, and across Waikato. Let our experience and professionalism come to your aid for your roofing needs. Give us a call today on 027 539 7628 to learn more.