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Don’t Let Leaks Get You Down, Seek Out Expert Roof Repairs in Waikato; We Service Hamilton, Te Rapa, and Tamahere

Precipitation can take many forms: hail, sleet, snow, and (most often) good old-fashioned rain. Your roof is your first and best shield from the fury of the elements, but when there's a crack in that armour, like a leak, water always seems to find a way through to ruin your peace of mind. CTR Roofing, masters of roof repairs around Waikato, want you to be safe, and we're here to give you a friendly heads-up about some of the potential dangers to a leaky roof.

What Happens When Your Roof Leaks?

It's a problem that requires immediate attention, as leaving your roof in disrepair can lead to serious issues. What happens inside your home when you skip the roof repairs and let your roof leak? It's more than just a structural problem; leaky roofs can cause significant issues including:

Damage to Your Ceilings – This is one of the most immediate dangers. As water continues to seep in, the ceiling becomes more damp. Your paint will become discoloured, and will even start to warp or become weaker. With continued build up, water can even start to come down the walls, and damage electrical wiring and lighting.

Electrical Fire Hazards – That damaged electrical wiring we mentioned? It can also pose a risk of fire for your home. Shorted wires are unsafe, and with enough current could potentially catch fire.

Health Effects – The water itself may not be a threat to you, but as time goes on, the water-logged structures of your home can become a breeding ground for mould and mildew. For those of you who are unaware, both of these irritants can lead to severe health issues, particularly for individuals with breathing concerns. Even those in good health can experience congestion and inflammation in their lungs. In dire instances, mould borne of a leaky roof can get into your house's vents, where it is then free to spread itself to every area of your home.

Overall Structural Degradation – Water will continue to eat away at your home until a leak is repaired. With time, the wood in your home will become deteriorated, or even rotted. When the frame of a house is this damaged, you'll be looking at major costs to get the entirety of it repaired.

Where to Go for Roof Repairs in Waikato

As you can see, the problem with a leaky roof is one that can lead to compounding issues if left unchecked. Best to get it fixed early, but where should you turn for roof repairs? In Hamilton and the surrounding areas, CTR Roofing has made a name for itself for providing sound, hassle-free repairs for a diverse clientele. We're not just limited to Hamilton either, we do roof repairs in Tamahere, and Te Rapa, as well.

Our team has been providing quality roofing services for over 15 years and know that every homeowner can benefit from our skill and experience. It's why so many have trusted us with their roofing needs. Remember, repairs are often much less costly than dealing with loads of damage down the road, so if have a leaky roof and need roof repairs in Hamilton, or anywhere else in our service area, give us a call on 027 539 7628 today to talk to a member of our knowledgeable team.